1025-01-070-3200 Nitrogen Charging Kit 8449334

Nitrogen Charging Kit for M777 M109 Howitzers
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Nitrogen Charging Kit for Howitzers and Tanks

Factory New

This kit provides the adaptors, hoses and regulator to charge Nitrogen (N2) up to 3000 PSI into armored battle vehicles.

The 8449334 nitrogen charging kit is multi-purpose and used to charge the M777 and M109 Howitzer recoil system as well as other systems such as Aircraft Shocks, Nitrogen Purging of Electronic Systems such as Night Vision Devices (NVD) and military/aerospace storage containers.

Basic Functions:

  • CGA 580 Connection
  • Rated to 3000 PSI
  • Charge and Purge to 3000 PSI with bleed valve
  • Hoses Supplied
  • Cylinder Mounted Regulator Provided
  • Made in USA
  • Additional Adaptor Kit Provided
  • HF2014 Schrader Inflation Chuck (Valve) Provided

Military Applications:

  • N2 filling of tires & struts
  • High pressure N2 gas suspension recoil systems
  • N2 back pack systems (NBK and similar)
  • Missile seeker head
  • Fire suppression refill
  • Any other low or high pressure nitrogen uses


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Alternate References:

  • 1025010703200
  • 010703200
  • 8449334



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