Detroit Diesel Engine Parts

The Detroit Diesel 2-Stroke Engines are an efficient and compact engine used for main propulsion and stationary applications. Debuting in 1939, Detroit Diesel Corporation (DDC), created by General Motors (GM), introduced the Series 53 Engine and Series 71 Engine. With the 53 Series two-stroke diesel engines "Detroits" found their way into automotive, marine, standby power generation and military applications. By 1925 DDC had manufactured over 1 million units.

In the 1980s, the US Government's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) began introduction of laws resticting emissions which directly affected DDC 2-Stroke Engines as well as others. Production ended of these workhorse engines as they were deemed old technology and not economically viable for upgrade to these new requirements, sidelined in favor of more environmentally friendly four-cycle engines. The exception to the environmental rules was for engines used in National Security such as Military Equipment. In 2006, MTU purchased the rights to off-road applications of the 2-stroke engines from DDC and continued to support these engines through their lifecycle.

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12260210 Engine 7083-7396 8V71 M109

M109 Engine

23502208 M113A3 Exhaust Tee 6V53T 5063-539T 5063-539A

Exhaust Tee

23502209 M113A3 Exhaust Bracket 6V53T 5063-539T 5063-539A

Exhaust Bracket

23514178 6V53T HTI Exhaust Manifold

Exhaust Manifold- HTI Insulated

23514523 6V53T HTI Turbo

Turbo - HTI Insulated

23528497 M113A3 Intake Horn 6V53T 5063-539T 5063-539A

Intake Horn

2815-00-124-5390 M113 Engine 6V53N 5063-5299

M113 Engine 6V53N

2815-01-248-7644 - M113A3 Engine 6V53T 275HP

Detroit Diesel 275HP 6V53T Engine

2815-01-295-7458 M113 Engine 6V53N 5063-5299

M113 Engine 6V53N

2815-01-412-2715 M113A3 Engine 6V53T 5063-539L

M113A3 Engine 6V53T with Glow Plugs

2835-01-475-9710 23503156 M113A3 Exhaust Blanket 6V53T 5063-539T 5063-539A

Exhaust Blanket

5063-539A M113BR Engine 6V53T 275HP

M113 Engine - M113BR

9150-01-421-1432 Lubricating Oil OE/HDO MIL-PRF-2104G (55 Gallon Drum)

Lubricating Oil for Engines and Transmissions with Specification MIL-L-2104

M113A4 Engine 6V53TA 350HP

Detroit Diesel 350HP 6V53TA Engine

M113A4 Engine 6V53TIA 400HP

Detroit Diesel 400HP 6V53TIA Engine

GENERATOR 2920-00-475-1446 10922191 100A M109 M992

100A Generator

GENERATOR 2920-01-288-0497 12268305 180A M109 M992

180A Generator