3655-01-680-9902 Nitrogen Generator HPCF-K02-0110-GG

Nitrogen Generator
Manufacturer: NATO Approved Source
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Manufacturer part number: HPCF-K02-0110-GG
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HPCF Nitrogen Cylinder Filling Station

Factory New

Stationary High Pressure N2 Cylinder Fill Station N2GEN HPCF-K02

The N2GEN HPCF-K0(x) Nitrogen Gas Generator generates high quality, clean, dry N2 at 2200 PSIG for filling N2 gas cylinders. The N2GEN includes a PSA nitrogen gas generator, low pressure tank, air powered booster, and cylinder fill stand, all incorporated on a compact skid that is simple to install. The N2GEN HPCF requires only a source of clean dry compressed air and a 120-240v power connection. N2GEN HPCF models are available to fill 2, 4 or 6 standard “K” type (245 cubic feet) N2 gas cylinders in 24 hours. This system is designed to eliminate the need to purchase cylinders from the local gas company and is the perfect solution for areas that do not have easy access to an external supply of Nitrogen gas. It’s a safe, convenient and cost-effective alternative to rental, delivery, and exchange of high-pressure nitrogen cylinders and easily fills cylinders of varying sizes to 2200 PSIG.

Generate Nitrogen on Demand:

  • Cost-effective, continuous N2 supply for cylinder filling
  • Eliminates gas run out or waiting for deliveries
  • Safe, automated and inexpensive to maintain
  • Simple installation and uses minimal space
  • Long operating life – dependable 20+ year lifecycle
  • Push-button automated cylinder recharge & auto-shut off
  • Reduces costs - avoids HP cylinder delivery, rental and refill fees
  • Perfect for locations where outside gas sources are limited

Military Applications:

  •  N2 filling of tires & struts
  • High pressure N2 gas suspension recoil systems
  • N2 back pack systems (NBK and similar)
  • Missile seeker head
  • Fire suppression refill
  • Cylinder fill for backup N2 supplies
  • Any other low or high pressure nitrogen uses


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Alternate References:

  • 3655016809902
  • 016809902
  • HPCF-K02-0110-GG
  • 11B4550216



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