6150-01-258-1253 13226E7032-4 Extension Cable

Extension Cable 3.5ft (1m), 20-amp, 3-pin
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Manufacturer part number: 13226E7032-4
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15 Foot (1m) Extension Cable for M60 / M40 / M46 Distribution System

Factory New

Component of:

Weatherproof mil-spec cable assembly with 3-wire 12AWG cable

Rated for 120VAC Single-Phase 20 Amperes

Component of US Army Tactical Power System

  • EMI (electromagnetic interference) protected.
  • Will not compromise peripheral electronics, communication equipment, computers or medical equipment.
  • Weatherproof Design
  • Available as a component in the AutoDISE Layout Software (Planning Tool)

Other References:

  • 13226E7032-4
  • 6150012581253
  • 012581253

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