1025-01-262-3448 150-140 Bore Cleaning Sleeve 155mm

M777/M109 Bore Cleaning Sleeve
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Bore Cleaning Sleeve for 155mm Cannon

Factory New

Manufactured in the USA by NSN Lookup

Part Numbers:

  • 1025012623448
  • 012623448
  • 155-140
  • 155140

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The 1025-01-262-3448 cannon bore cleaning sleeve is used when cleaning 155mm cannon bores as used on the M777 Towed Howitzer and the M109 Self-Propelled Howitzer. The sleeve fits over the cleaning brush(es) like a sock and is used with chemicals to swab the cannon bore during the cleaning process. It is a disposable item and cannot be reused. In fact, it can take more than one sleeve to clean a bore.

This sock is sized for 100mm to 155mm Cannon Bores. The generous length allows single and multi brush swabbing as well as multiple strokes by re-positioning the sock.

Compatible wih all US Army and NATO Approved big bore cleaning chemicals and solvents.

This item is manufactured in accordance with the latest NATO Technical Data Package (TDP).

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Case quantity is 100 pieces. Priced Individually.

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