5220-00-070-7814 Gage, Headspace - 7799734

Gage, Headspace - M16 Rifle
Manufacturer: NATO Approved Source
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SKU: NIIN-000707814
Manufacturer part number: 7799734
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Headspace Gage for the M16 Rifle (Headspace Gauge)

Brand New - Manufactured to Order

This item is manufactured to order with a minimum order quantity of 50 pieces.

The latest Revision of the Technical Drawings are used at all times.

This is a very close tolerance item and requires special measurement tools for article inspection.

Alternate References:

  • 5220000707814
  • 000707814
  • 7799734
  • 711419707309

Supplied packaged in accordance with the US Department of Defense Packaging Instructions.

Supplied with Certificate of Conformance to Technical Package.


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